Lets take a tour through my Reader (RSS feed) – I’ve been reading some great stuff lately.

First, of course, is Laptop Office or more aptly: How to fit everything you need in one bag. (I wrote it, so um, this is me giving a shameless plug. Also, Hi FCC! I was contracted for my craft and compensated for my time.)

I’m a craigslist shopper and loved this write up from Simple Organized Living on How to buy successfully: Craigslist 101.

My girl (say it with an attitude) Jen at Big Binder does an amazing job of making my life easier with kids. She plans my entire week for me

Jordan over at Oh Happy Day is a serious inspiration whenever I see something new in my feed. Fun DIY photobooth props could be useful in the costume basket as well.

Good Life Eats is one of my favorite places to look for recipes. I have a bridal shower coming up and I think I’ll make this asparagus tart for the lovely ladies.

Fly Through Our Window is a treat no matter when I read it. Recently, their adventures on boating, summer time and food. I love her honesty and how she writes about their life, having a boy and all that goes with it and really taking life head on. I always walk away feeling encouraged.

This week we were able to go see Shrek The Musical thanks to Stacey Says, we won some tickets! The kids LOVED it. (So did we) and she does a lovely write up about the event. I’m glad my kids are interested and excited about Theatre, I can just see my daughter being on stage some day. šŸ˜‰

I’ve decided I want to design fabric. For my own use, mostly. But I love the idea of it. Making a print in that medium just excites me. Sarah Jane Studios is a fabric designer with LOVELY inspiration, ideas and how tos from her very own fabric line. Swoon!

I can’t leave this one out – the Pioneer Woman did it again. Perfect Iced Coffee why yes, yes I think I will. I’ve had this can of sweetened condensed milk for way too long, and was trying to decide what to do with it. Now I know.

I love everything about this website and the author. In this post she takes us along on the spontaneous road trip. Her photographs, stunning. Her writing, honest and and humble. Her approach to life? A little bit contagious.

What are you guys reading lately? Being inspired with? I could go on but my coffee’s getting cold and my children are eating strawberries. There’s something wrong with this picture, I should be grabbing a fork, topping off my cup and laughing hysterically at The Pink Panther, too. šŸ˜‰

5 thoughts on “Touring

  1. JODI!
    I haven’t slept yet. I just put down the knitting & was going to peek at a couple blogs before bed (yes @ 6:30 am) when I clicked to the link of bigBANG studio. Now I’m finishing my beer, pouring my second & hauling that canvas that has been haunting me outside to finish it. TODAY. Because you linked to a blog. Simple power.

  2. Thank you for the link!! I saw that you won the Shrek tickets; between that and Boulder Ridge being a bloggy mom has been good to you this week, yes? šŸ™‚

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