B to the Z. Busy.

I’m just gonna break it down for you.

Last week – Monday:

We had the priveldge of getting a behind the scenes look at Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park. They open August 30th and it’s amazing. You should all go. Tell them I sent you, of course, I bet Rick the Reptile guy will tell you how cool it is when Porcupines hiss and some African-version of a deer poops.

Boulder Ridge Animal Park

Boulder Ridge Animal Park

Boulder Ridge Animal Park

I loved the birds. Obviously.

There were also some wicked non-feathered animals too. Ok, lots of them.

Boulder Ridge Animal Park

Boulder Ridge Animal Park

That wasn’t enough for one day so we also went to pick strawberries.

Picking strawberries


I had a photoshoot with a lovely family for their little man’s second birthday. Adorable. Swoon. All of the above.

I had a calendar full of appointments, meetings and dates (love those!) and this weekend we had 3 birthday celebrations, a bridal shower and a BBQ.


Blue skies and monkeys.

Friends. In every sense of the word.

I cried like a baby at the bridal shower and have been embarrassed since. I’ll be a complete mess when my own daughter is the one being blessed by the women, friends and mothers in her life.

We were late to almost every party – but we stayed late too. Drinking ice cold beers, eating taco salads, watermelon and cupcakes and laughing at the memories passing us by.

Summertime: I really like you.

5 thoughts on “B to the Z. Busy.

  1. We also got a behind the scenes look at BRWP! Packed the kids up a few weekends ago for a “surprise”, and when we got there “Surprise! They are still building! lol They were so nice though, and we loved the sneak peak! We can’t wait to go back!

  2. thank you! I do šŸ™‚ I would love to take photos for you – email me closer to the date and we’ll set it up. If you want prices now … just let me know.

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