Not recommended

Things I wouldn’t recommend doing while on hold to talk to State Representatives or Officials. Local IRS, if you will.

Eat a bowl of cereal while on hold, your blood sugar dictates you put something into your body asap … you gamble with the pre-recorded message about your wait time and the crunch factor.

Use the bathroom. At all.

Try to write a blog post.

Try to play games on your phone.

Try to do anything requiring concentration, splitting your thought process between two important tasks and a host of questions will be very confusing when you finally get a live person to speak with on the other end of your phone.

Once the call is answered ask THEM to hold while you finish chewing. Ehum.

Be anything but cheery and respectful when they answer. The happier you are the more willing they will be to solve your problem.

Joke that you’re not who you say you are. (Especially this one.)

Forget your Social Security number.

Blank on why you called.

Read emails that make milk fly out your nose.

**This brought to you by experience.

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