Thanks for hanging in there through the 18 page detailed 5,000 word post about me. Who ever said writing about yourself and the journey to here was a short, easy ride?

I have approximately 350 photos to go through and get ready for y’all. A wonderful How To on making maps is coming your way this week. Speaking of: How is it already Wednesday?

I’m in love with this month but I have reasons to believe that getting through it will bring me to the other side of happiness right smack dab in the middle of euphoria … August 2011, I’m really excited for you.

Now if only we could hold on til then.

How was your Fourth? We had a great time doing almost nothing. We didn’t go to any cottages or escape to a camping trip. In fact we stayed right here. Rode bikes all over town, joined in a homemade parade, saw some amazing fireworks – ate with friends, laughed with family.

Current view

I have ideas coming out of my ears for a new “Jar” … I can’t wait to put it together and show you. I’ve been seeing lots of talk on facebook about your summer jars lately – what are you guys pulling out of them today?

Pretend you can see me giving you the ASL sign for I LOVE YOU, because you guys seriously rock.


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