Peak: {How to} Create Home Office Workflow

Better work flow: get organized

I’m over at Turnstone once again and this time I walk you through my workflow. Or lack thereof. Let’s get organized! And then use the dining room table, your buffet and the antique file cabinet as your main source of office space.

Clearing the clutter to get the productivity is a battle for me. My home office is either a kitchen table with dirty cereal bowls and a dinosaur brigade littered across it or our buffet top while I referee the bear hunt of the hour. Staying on top of our filing cabinet is right above “dust the baseboards” on my list of things I like to accomplish weekly yearly. So let’s be honest – I tackle this beast in a three year rotation.

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(I’m paid to write: Turnstone compensates me to contribute to their blog and tell you about it here.)

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