Slumber party is underway

I have only 2 more children with us tonight than my mom had with her for twenty some odd years (She had 4, tonight I have six). I now know how she did it. These kids are seriously comedians, insightful little professors. Totally ahead of their time.


We’ve had conversations ranging from their love of dictionaries (No, really. That’s how you learn the state capitols and did I know that Uncle Joel lives in the capital of Arizona … which is Phoenix. Just in case.) to what exactly did I mean by “No tattle tailing” and we’ve had plenty of impromptu lessons on division and solving story problems. There has been plenty of drama and screaming and running around outside. The drama has nothing to do with people not getting along and everything to do with five females breathing air in the same 25 feet.

It’s like perfume. Not the scratching your face kind. Just the lovely scent of happiness wrapped tightly within what’s cool or not, pretty and who can do it better.

We took a Short-Bus to the Little Ceasers drive-thru, then went to a t-ball game and ran the caffeine off. Just in time for the sugar overdose of ice cream and then back home for a movie and popcorn, gummy bears, jammies and animal crackers.


I plan to read stories with the most outrageous accents I can come up with later. I’ll be acting out the Sneeches and Are You My Mother? with everything I have.

So far the only project I’ve accomplished is buying the supplies for the Fort Kits as their take-home gifts and putting groceries away so I can be ready for tomorrow morning’s feast for Princesses.

There was plenty of dress-up and reading books, checking out the apartment and having our daughter lead her friends and cousins all over like a tour guide.

I can’t wait for the lights to go out and the giggles (and probably snoring) to heat up. I’ve already heard whispers of the girls telling each-other who they’re in love with. Prince Eric is at the top of that list.

There are 16 possible seats and yet 5 of the six chose these one and half.

My cup overfloweth.

2 thoughts on “Slumber party is underway

  1. You are not my mother. You are a SNORT.

    That was one of my favorites as a young one šŸ™‚

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