Things We Love To Do

We’ve had a pretty exciting week (ok, couple weeks.) We paid our last debt! And this free printable budget goes lovely with the theme of this week.

I’m super excited that one of my How To recipes as a Contributor for CurvyGirlGuide went buzerks on Stumbleupon.

We have a yard these days so outdoor fun is always something I’m looking to create: Golf game or target practice? Both look doable. I’m in.

I have days/weeks where I’m in a creative parenting rut. You? Sometimes it’s not home until you bake some cookies. Mermaid tails will fit the bill. And score me some points with a certain someone in my house. Bonus.

DIY your own outdoor table (warning, pop up) but you get to play with concrete! And then plant mint or something savory to smell while you sip your margarita. Your summer just improved.

Are you organizing your kitchen again? Me to! These labels look useful and I love the color options. Time to break out those jars for display and make it homey.

Baby showers and wedding showers and brand new infant hair seem to be in the air right now, at least in West Michigan. Here’s an adorable printable for a little girls room, nursery or the add on to your shower gift.

Along those same lines of shower-extravaganza! Make these lovely hand stamped tea towels – color combos customizable to the kitchen of the new couple (or ok, your own kitchen.).

This is me promising myself to get my sewing machine out. Make ruffled market bags with this lovely tutorial.

BORING filing cabinets suck the life out of a space so liven things up and add a little unexpected to your work space.

Has it been raining an awful lot this summer or is it just me? Paper Airplanes and crafts of from my parent’s childhood arsenal have never come in handy more often.

So this pallet bed? IS A YES. ALWAYS A YES.

Magic paintbrush to the rescue! Can’t draw on those walls but if I give you this magic paint brush and turn on your imagination you can be Michael Angelo and my dining room = your Sistine Chapel.

More outdoor lovely this Ring Toss has you covered.

As if Hoarders wasn’t enough inspiration to throw away or find a use for all those newspapers you’re saving?? Maybe this will be.

Remember those cheap plastic army men with parachutes? These are cooler.

2 thoughts on “Things We Love To Do

  1. These are great – I’ve gotta try the parachute guys! My son loves the cheapy ones, but they tangled to the un-tangle-able degree!
    Congrats on the debt freedom! And, yes, this summer has seemed rainy-er than most (even for us 1/2 the country away from you!).

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