There’s a twilight zone


I’m sitting in this porch this morning, amid laundry and legos and one very (half dressed) happy guy.


Welcome! There’s charm all around this house – french doors with beautiful windows, wood work and hardware.


Yes that is High School Musical 2 on the TV. We like to keep our theatrics PG and Disney in this house.

So, there’s a yard here. Like a real fenced-in yard. With actual grass. Our last place had a “yard” that was the parking lot for all the cars of the tenants. (No grass.)

a yard!

When it’s not raining or the weather outside doesn’t feel like a steam room (humidity much?) we’ve been enjoying this:

Summer 101

Although I don’t have a full garden this year I do have some hardy herbs that stayed alive through the last 12 months. Mint!

mint! portable gardening
mint! portable gardening

But the real charm of this place? The stuff that was left behind. Seriously. I think I could make a living out of finding the purpose in the forgotten.

First, there’s an entire room of storage with shelves. Like a canning persons dream, if I were a canning person. For now I’m just going to basque in the delight of a room with NO REAL PURPOSE that I can put stuff in.


but then there’s this:

utility shop ... also, inspirationutility shop ... also, inspiration

The Workshop? But I see a kitchen island refab and those makeshift shelves on the side?

utility shop ... also, inspiration

Have you not seen Pinterest and it’s glory? THE IDEAS!

I might be asking permission to use a few of these things from the landlords. But as renters in a home and learning how to be a permanent fixture in a temporary situation: I finally have ideas on how to make someone else’s house our home.

Cue: Collective twilight zone hazy lighting yet mental clarity.

It’s about time.

5 thoughts on “There’s a twilight zone

  1. Wow! You’ve been really productive in the last week or so! Rental or not, that house looks like a great place to call home! <3

  2. Thank you 🙂 I think we’re professional movers these days. In and out and unpacked. Although now I’m going through the boxes we’ve had for a couple years and asking myself WHY I thought keeping some of this stuff was ok. Goodwill is going to be my bestfriend (drop off) for about a week I think.

  3. looks great Jodi, my schedule will clear next week, I would love to come by and play! happy for you guys!

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