Thanks for letting me air out my thoughts lately. I know it reads that when I write this stuff I’m in the middle of it all, and mostly I am. But writing it out also gives me the room to think and do other things in the mean time. A natural channel to getting over it.

Look at my tiny girl on her very first day of 3-school three years ago this fall:

First day of school

It’s been a debate this summer as to whether or not we’ll be sending our son to 3-school this fall as well (hint: I am not ready, he is.) but we’ve been dragging our feet making the decision and enrolling him.

Which, seriously. I honestly wish there weren’t so many school choices. It drives me literally mad worrying that I have picked the right institution of education for my kids’ futures. At the end of the day I usually want to scrap it all and homeschool. (Yes, Aaron.)

It’s an open conversation in this house – and I’ll be the first willing participant in a group conversation about schooling choices any day. Learning from graduated students or parents of kids in different districts. I WANT TO KNOW! How has it been? What were the hurdles? Is the administration being consistent and following through? Is the face of the school (it’s teachers) as on fire about my kid as I am? If not, do I have the power to change that?

I had a pretty integral hand in my own education – deciding not to return to my high school after my sophomore year and instead pursue early graduation through homeschooling. Because I wasn’t interested in half my academic day being a study hall or work program. I wanted to get on with it already.

An old soul, perhaps.

I’m rehashing all of this to show you how important school is to me. How important this decision will play out for the rest of my kids’ lives.

First day of school

How do you go about deciding? Is it just the district you’re in and that’s that? Do you school shop? Agonize? Or just go right to homeschooling?

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  1. I can’t really say that we chose the school our kids attend in the greatest of ways. I can say however we have had the greatest results. Also our school is trying a new program this year called “University Model” You should check it out. It has all the social aspects of traditional school and the guidance of great teachers. However the kids are in school part time and home part time. I can send you info if you would like šŸ˜‰

  2. I love your blog! You write about real things. Hudson is only 16 months and we already talk about school. I’m not sure WHAT we will do yet. I think there may be some homeschooling somewhere in the mix but maybe not until middle school when it gets scary. haha!

  3. Oh thank you! I love writing about the real deal šŸ™‚ We’ve always talked about homeschooling during the middle school years as well. Kinda think it’s imperative in our house, at least from what J has shown us in personality and insecurities. We’ll see how O does in school … parenting!

  4. I am so impressed with the families at our church who home-school, it’s typically the families with 6 kids or more. I’ve got my hands full with 3, and I love the idea of them going to a school and getting the whole socialization package.
    Paul and I and all 4 of our parents graduated from the same high school. It’s a wonderful school district. However, we moved out of it, and we’re not sure about the local public school. It’s in a town that has at least 3 private school options that we’re also unfamiliar with, (seems big and impersonal) plus a school for the deaf and blind. We ARE gung-ho about our Catholic school, the same one that Paul went to. It’s on the far side, so we’ll have to work bussing in with my work schedule. It feels as much like home as a school can to our family though, and it’s the right place for us.

  5. We’re doing the University Model with our oldest this year. He’ll be in school for two days, home with me for three. We’ve got training next week. He has gone to three school, preschool, Young Fives in a school setting though. He went one day a week to HC2 last year with the other four being with me. I’ll let you know how the University Model goes. There are only a handful of multi-aged kids in his class. I’m getting nervous about it too.

  6. I love the idea of the university model! Zeeland Christian has one, there are a few families at our church who do it and love it! I’m sure our boys will end up at good ol’ public, but you never know šŸ™‚

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