New School Clothes

dryer babyThis is my daughter when she was a little button šŸ™‚

I’ve been trying to make sure ALL the laundry in our house is done and accounted for today because this afternoon we’re taking our daughter shopping for a few new school clothes before First Grade starts.

We’ve been so excited to get hand-me-downs from an older cousin and don’t actually need very many clothes this year. Some jeans, sweaters or cold weather wear and a play-time dress or two. Socks. Always with the socks.

I don’t usually have a great system (ok, I don’t have a system) for keeping track of their sizes and inventory of their closets.

However since unpacking we’ve found a couple boxes chalk-full of larger-sized clothes for our son and daughter that I had no idea they were still in storage! Now that they have ample closet space in the new rental (um, wow.) I have a much better handle on how to keep track of their growth and needs.


Label it

Label your next sizes (if you have some on hand) in their closet. I’m keeping two spare boxes in each of their closets – one for pants and one for shirts. Now when I notice they’ve grown I can quickly restock their shelves and throw the outgrown garmet in with their laundry. When it’s clean and folded I have a box in our laundry area labeled “Goodwill” that I can store any number of items until I’m ready to drop it off or mark it for an upcoming sale.

Keep track

Take Inventory of your closet or your kids’ closets. Write down their information and any needs to fulfill that way you won’t stand in the middle of the aisle eyeballing the shoes, shirts and pants up to an imaginary spouse, partner or child. (I’ve been there SO many times). I made a free printable to help you get started. You can print and then keep in your wallet for safe keeping. It’ll be at your fingertips when you need it most.

Oragnize Your Closets free printable


While you’re going through and keeping track of the needs (and labeling) be sure to purge the items you know your kids aren’t wearing. Even if they still fit.

My daughter, at 6, dresses herself every morning so although I only allow her to wear what I buy I’d be pretty stupid to buy items that I know she won’t choose to wear come morning time. So we compromise and both have to agree on garments before we purchase them. I’ve learned my lesson and am no longer fighting her to wear her clothes or wasting money trying to appease her sense of style.

You can donate to a thrift store, church or a family you know who have smaller children – but no matter where it goes you’ll feel more organized just getting rid of it!

Off to GoodwillOne of my many Purge Piles.

What are your tips for staying on top of the constant change in closet inventory in your house?

2 thoughts on “New School Clothes

  1. Um, you’ll be sending that purge pile this way, right? šŸ˜‰

    I’m soooo not ready for the summer to school clothes switcheroo. We have pretty well organized storage for such things, but with four girls it is still a two-day undertaking.

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