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Sleeping, peeking feet

Sometimes it’s important to find the enchanting in the everyday.

This photo was taken while we were still living at our old apartment, my son was napping. I have no idea what else was going on but I know I went to check on him and only saw his happy little foot looking back at me. That’s a good sleep. So sound that your toes are willy-wonked out of your covers. A message to the rest of the world: REST! We’re resting here!

Inside that mountain of blankets my son was off in another world. I don’t know what it is about this photo that just makes me feel good. He’s wrapped in his own kind of peace, still comically playing with us unbeknownst to him. It just makes it all OK.

Being the youngest of four I didn’t have many photos of myself until I was 13 and started taking an interest in photography: but the photos we did have I would scour for shots of my slumbering self.

I always felt cherished when I knew my parents took the time to freeze the moments I couldn’t see.

Maybe that’s why I love taking photos now – Feeling Cherished is by far my #1 Love Language and it’s how I love the best to those around me. I hang on to the moments of impact. I want to create them and move them and keep them. This is why I save (and have) boxes of hand written love letters from my mom, dad, grandparents, husband and children. They took the time to write it down. Something I would have otherwise forgotten. A moment – they saved for me.

So as we were driving home the other night I thought to myself: it’s been too long since I’ve taken sleeping photos of the kids. Mental note! Mental note!

Even if they never connect these dots, one day I want them to know there’s a record of the moments they couldn’t see. Of the time invested in caring so deeply for them that watching them breathe in a puddle of blankets is the best part of my day.

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