Ready to Launch

We’ve begun the back to school prep over here and although it’ll be nice to have a new rhythm to our days ahead, I’m sad to have a limited amount of freedom-days with my kids left.

Sand box not required. Naked landscaping - all the rage at 3 years old.Getting so big so fast!

Not that we always have a grand idea for every Summer day. Often times having nothing on the calendar after a month of non-stop PLANS! I’m more than happy for a break in the schedule-heat. However it’s time to start filling out the forms and readying the school lunch ideas, re-instating a normal evening routine and regulating boundaries for play time, rewards and chores.

Summer’s have the best intentions to have just enough whimsy inside of your already rhythmic time; but inevitably as the days grow longer, your tolerance for coloring outside the lines thickens and you’re all still awake at midnight excitedly pointing towards the twinkling, blue sky.

This has been the landscape of our last few weeks. Finally having the space to breathe, settle, relax. I’ve found my way back to the headspace of “rolling with it” no longer grasping at straws that no longer exist. I’m here. We all are.

So looking ahead and seeing that in a few short days our schedule is going to go from “take your time! play outside! make that mess!” to “you’re late! eat your breakfast! did you finish your homework?” I’m just a tad sad to see this summer go.

I can assure you that she is ready for school to begin.

Future track star.

Ready for the task oriented, hands-on progress. The measurement of her accomplishments in easy to read language of gold stars and smiles. She’s ready to wade into the waters of a new playground, recess and OHMIGOD a cafeteria.

As her mother, sending her off into another Big Unknown in her own world knowing she can’t wait to leap across the threshold, my fears aren’t holding her hand … they’re holding mine.

And this year, we’re going to jump together.

I've still got it.

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