Stupid Happy

Today is our wedding anniversary.



I was all excited to kick Year Sevens myth in the mouth before we entered it … and then it all became true. It wasn’t itchy, it was just a bitch. I am so happy to be done with it. There were more good times than rough ones, to be fair – but all of last year is kind of heart breaking.

So! YAY!

Eight Years.

I’m ready for it, soooooo ready. I get stupid happy and sentimental on anniversaries, birthdays, special occasions. I’m a hopeless romantic to the core (my parents could vouch for this for all those years I spent day dreaming at home) and today I have SURPRISES planned. I’m geeked.

Ready for the sap?

Being given away

Aaron, yesterday was another anniversary – a hard one. The one where we had to recognize the passing of someone great in both of our lives (in the photo above, the man on the right – my step dad, passed away a day before our first wedding anniversary). I had my biological dad and my step dad walk me down my aisle … and I’ll never regret it. Both men spoke into the woman I am today – the woman who walked down that aisle to another man … for the rest of her life. I was anchored on both sides. How many brides get that privilege? When I tripped – I rebalanced quickly.

The metaphors of my life to that point.

While divorce was the wrecking ball of the family I knew as a child, it was also the healing palm to the wounds of a broken future. When my mom remarried and chose the man above as her spouse – a father figure for me, my life realigned. I re-hash all of this every year on my anniversary because marriage is a big deal. It’s not something I plan to take lightly or for granted. I don’t foresee divorce as an option for us and the fact that we’ve made it this far, honestly, it gets easier to believe myself when I say that.

I love our family and that sitting at the top is Aaron and myself, still holding hands. Feeling each other up every chance we get and making out when the kids quickly run in the other room. But it’s not all about sex – I actually have my best friend with me every day and when he’s not around I feel the pain of loneliness. Not the sorry for myself kind, the … gosh! I miss my friends kind. I like the guy – he makes me laugh every day and it’s a riot to watch him try and get me to do something I have my mind set on not doing. (I’m the stubborn one, by the way.)

He makes my comfort zone wider always pushing me to greater horizons – holding me up to a standard that will protect but also propel me. He’s a catch … and I’m more thankful every year that we landed together.


I think I set it all on Twitter this morning:
Picture 1

I love you, Aaron.

8 thoughts on “Stupid Happy

  1. Happy Anniversary. Would LOVE to see more wedding pictures. It looks gorgeous! And I love how you are (presumably) looking at your husband as you walk down the aisle. Almost, starring at him. Beautiful.

  2. Seriously, that pick of you and your dads is amazing! I love it! It should be framed somewhere. Though I’m sure it’s not, because I think we’ve had this discussion several times about all your great photos and how you never hang them :O)

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