Hanging out across the web

I have a couple different articles popping up around the web this week … take a look.

Over at MyTurnstone I talk about Adding the Funk in Functional:
Picture 1

I personally would stock it with Atomic Fire Balls, screw two small holes in the funnel and insert a chop stick as a trap door. Someone wants a candy? Pull the chopstick and win the lottery of FIRE BALLS. I love it.

It’s how I see things.

You can also join me over at Curvy Girl Guide today where I share my recipe for Maple Glazed Cinnamon Biscuits as an easy, go-to recipe for school mornings. (Which also means, any morning.)

Maple glazed cinnamon biscuits

Aside from that I’m stocking my fridge for school lunches, easy mornings and carpool melt downs. One of the best tips I can hand out for school lunches is this:

Freeze your grapes – they’ll act as the cooler for the rest of the lunch and by the time your child is ready to devour it – they’ll be thawed to perfection and the rest of her lunchbox will still be fresh.

Eating grapes

What are your plans for Labor Day weekend? We’re MOVING! (Our storage unit … finally) And I think we’re going to venture into the world of camping in a tent with our kids. This has not happened since our daughter (now 6 1/2) was 6 months old. You can start praying for us right now.

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