Why yes, I have enjoyed my self imposed vacation from working.

Agava Margarita

I needed some time to catch up on the Kardashians. That family knows drama. (I’m gonna let you wonder if I’m serious or not.)


The first week of back to school and reality/schedules and time management has gone well but I decided to give myself some time to ease in to things along with it. A new rhythm.

The Year of being Fluid is turning into the Fall of Planning. We’re finally all in one place. All our stuff. Our stupid, stupid stuff. We moved out of our storage unit this weekend and into our rental garage. I’m disgusted with stuff and yet find myself making lists for new things like curtains, paint and project gatherings.

Some days I wonder if I’ll ever learn.

Murphy has moved in! We diligently paid off all our debt to have weeks of never ending car trouble from Aaron’s car. Today we learned that the bill for possible repairs is about what we’d get for the car if we sold it in working order.

It’s ok we have a buffer zone! An emergency fund! Dave Ramsey! But I also had a deadline (duh, hello, Jodi – your expectations are calling) and now this will be a set back. I am not worried.

I’m not a worrier – but this little ride we’ve been on has turned up the anxiety in my life and well, I’ve become a bit of a glass half empty girl at times – but I really am not worried.

Fluid! Life is Fluid!

How has the first week “back to school” been for you?

** I realize not all of you are experience “back to school” phenomenon but seriously – even if you’re out of school, don’t have children etc … this time of year just begs of newness, routine and organization. How’s it treating you?

2 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. Ha. How timely. Organization and project planning is the name of the game here as well. Preparing for an unexpected move all while getting (back) into the rythm of school days? Figures. Good luck with settling in, and let me know if you want to meet up for a “mini vacation”. The kind you take at the pub.

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