It’s official

I’m a mom.

First Grade 2011

Well ok, that’s been official for a looooooooooooooong time but elementary school just notches everything up a bit. I think.

This is the first week of FIRST GRADE! How and where did the time go by so fast? I have no idea. But I am warning you, as all people are wont to do, it goes by so quickly. Especially after age 5. Before then it’s a blur of diapers and learning to self feed and it’s exhausting but super rewarding with no real payoff. Entering school and hearing the fruits of your parenting labor (their conversations, choices, thoughts and feelings) makes the last (how ever many) years AMAZING.

Our baby, her little brother, is about to go to school for the first time ever next week and I promise I won’t cry on camera. But I am going to cry. A lot. And hard.

The first few days have been beyond tiring for her but we’re carpooling (Hi, Shana!) and I loooooove carpooling. Having another kid in the car who get’s stuff out of her after school is great. She’s normally a vault (always has been) about what goes on at school. I think she’s just generally so effing tired at the end of the day that rehashing it all to us is exhausting. But another kid in the car and all of a sudden I’m learning names of new friends and hearing about how the playground was after lunch.


For a while there this summer (and in numerous yet to be posted videos) I was really struggling as a parent. More so as a “stay at home parent” who also works from home and how to split my time and efforts enough that neither one of my priorities would get the lesser of me. Oh, and I’m married.

And this could be the turning of a season, finally feeling settled, getting back on track with knowing where my life is etc but I feel that the beginning of this school year is the beginning of a whole new life for us.

Chapters, yes. Turning points? Also yes. This life of an elementary school aged child(ren) is scheduled, routine and some days mundane. But it’s concrete. It happens. Every day, it happens. And there’s a bit of solace in my soul knowing that tomorrow’s coming …… and I know exactly what to expect.

Walking down the hall to her first day of First Grade

2 thoughts on “It’s official

  1. So true! I think all of us “school moms” are going through the same thing this time of year! I know I am!

    And I think this is a perfect time of year for turning points! Yay for you guys! 🙂

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