{how to} grill salmon

A few weeks ago we had friends over and grilled salmon. There was wine involved, and copious amounts of butter. Also spontaneous child-led dance parties and later a game of Settlers of Catan.

We know how to have a good time.


Related: a couple years ago (seems like decades) I did a live cooking-demo and we made this same salmon. Turns out fish is a tricky thing for most people … I’ve had many questions about fish and lots of interest when I write about fixing it. So … how about I we get down to business?

{How to} Grill Salmon

We’re using fresh, wild caught salmon sent to me all the way from Alaska. My dad recently retired from American Airlines and got his dream job flying float planes in Alaska. Once in a while, when he’s not working, he gets to fish and then once in a while – he’ll send some home to us. Yummmmmmmmmmmm.

You’ll need:

Brown sugar

{How to} Grill Salmon

Start by “brushing” some butter on to the salmon fillets.


When grilling fish – always use tin foil as your barrier – the skin will stick to it when it’s done so serving it is a breeze.

You can melt the butter and actually brush it on (and use less) or you can just go with it and butter each fillet like a baguette. We were professional about the obsession …

{How to} Grill Salmon

{How to} Grill Salmon

Hindsight is 20/20. We used a tad too much. Oh well!!

From here you simply sprinkle with brown sugar.

{How to} Grill Salmon

{How to} Grill Salmon

Then … GRILL.

Ask your helpers for frequent refills on grilled french bread or “salad” (weeds) …

{How to} Grill Salmon

On hot coals … tin foil turned up to catch run off (butter, ehum).

{How to} Grill Salmon

Salmon only takes a few minutes on the hot grill.

{How to} Grill Salmon

That’s it! You’re done!! Serve it up, enjoy.

{How to} Grill Salmon

My after photos aren’t that awesome, but that’s because it was hot and ready and I was hungry. And there was wine. Just being honest.

We served it with homemade tartar sauce, a pasta salad and a potato salad.

We danced in celebration:

{How to} Grill Salmon

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  1. Salmon is the one fish I have the most trouble cooking and actually liking the taste of. Any meat the we consume is “caught” and processed by us and Salmon is what is filling my freezer and fridge these days.

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