{how to} Use Flickr Uploadr

You can find this tool and download it here.

We started this series with how I store my digital photos and then moved on to how to use flickr.

I got some good questions about how I use flickr to put a photo in my posts on this website – I’ll bring you step by step through that next. Today, we’re going to conquer all that is FLICKR UPLOADR!!!! **roar**

Using Flickr Uploadr

The white box you see is Flickr Uploadr (a tool I downloaded and now it lives on my desktop.)

Using Flickr Uploadr Step 1

You’ll get a pop up of your folders – choose the photos from whatever folder you want or have and select the photos you’d like to upload.

Using Flickr UploadrUsing Flickr Uploadr

Once you select the photos they’ll start loading into Flickr Uploadr like this:

Using Flickr UploadrUsing Flickr Uploadr

And now for the fun part – now we’re going to focus on the right side of your screen within the Flickr Uploadr – it looks like this:

Using Flickr Uploadr

Here’s the great thing about this tool – you can make changes to ALL the photos at once or one photo at a time, or a few or whatever you feel like. So you could upload 100 photos for 17 different sets and individualize their titles, tags and where you want them to go … here’s how …

I’m going to make the 12 photos I uploaded a batch (so I want them altogether in one set) so I just need to select them all (on a Mac that’s Command+A)

Using Flickr Uploadr

A window will appear when you click CREATE A SET … after you’ve selected the photos you want to include (again, for this exercise … all of them).

Using Flickr Uploadr

Title your set (this is like an ALBUM or FOLDER)

Using Flickr Uploadr

And you’ll notice that your “set” has been added to another box on the right side of the Flickr Uploadr. (Bottom right)

Using Flickr Uploadr

And now for some details.
Using Flickr Uploadr


Remembering that we still have ALL photos selected (on a Mac = Command+A) you can Title the photos altogether. (TIME SAVER!) Keep it short – this is what folks will see first when looking through your Flickr Feed. This is not where you tell the story.


This is where you can tell the story. Write a little something about what the photo’s mean or are a part of. This batch of photos was for a Barbie Party I had gone to with my daughter – so I write a little about it.


Tags. This is the SEO stuff. This is what google and other engines search your photos for. (They also search your code, but that’s another post) I try to be specific and general at the same time. Not very many people will search PINK when they mean BARBIE but having a color key in there is some times helpful. I always add my site because most of the photos I upload are for my site (and copyrighted) so I want that information in there.

And when you’re satisfied with the information – you can UPLOAD!

Using Flickr UploadrUsing Flickr UploadrUsing Flickr Uploadr

When it’s done uploading it’ll ask you if you want to Stay in the Flickr Uploadr or go right to Flickr … I generally stay because it’ll take you right to Flickr’s “edit” page which if you’ve already done all that … is a waste of time. So I stay and then later go to my photos and use them, if needed.

Easy? I think so. This is my favorite Flickr tool and I use it ALL the time.

Questions?? Let me know!

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