Summer 2011

This summer flew and I’ve been behind since last spring on updates and photos and blogging and keeping it real-time.

I started working for a few other companies and websites and went full-boar into planning 2012 Gleek Retreat – oh and we tried to buy another house but didn’t and then had to move in one weekend or be homeless.

We finally moved out of our storage unit and have been slowly letting things go on craigslist … saving for a new (less crappy) couch. We paid off our car! And are debt free! Only to have Aaron’s car cost us a yummy 2 grand in fix ups. YAY! Like super, yay.

School started and it was good and hard all at the same time. My days are full of missing my daughter and carpools, baking and running errands. Getting my life back. This past weekend I, along with my mother in law and sister in law, hosted a progressive shower for a NEW sister in law. High Fives. (On Aaron’s side, he’s the only married one of 5 kids … but that’s about to change! His brother is getting married next month and his sister next year. I’m a little excited.)

I’ve been brown bagging my daughters school lunch and making easy, grab-able breakfasts for Aaron and his commute as well. He’s even started taking a lunch to work with him. All great stuff, only the groceries we keep and stock up on are WAY different than before. I cleaned out the day-old bread sale at the grocery store yesterday … my freezer is ready for a month of lunches.

We’re getting crafty again! I’m excited because it was a long, dry spell of Pinning and looking and doing nothing.

Halloween decorations 2011

Inspired by Organize and Decorate Everything.

And in contrast to last year about this time – I was feeling all weird and non-festive for the coming holidays. It was odd to be in an apartment for these big occasions when our memories of every other markable event were in a home that we brought both our babies in to … it was a time of new memories and a ton of change and I didn’t get in the groove very well.

But this year!!???!


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