MyGR6, a love letter to a city. #spon #client

My GR6

I have this thing called a Life List where I made huge goals for my life and the things I want to accomplish. Turns out the last year threw a wrench into my well oiled plan to dominate my list and now I’m looking for ways to revamp the excitement around it. It’s not too hard when so many opportunities are so close to home.

“Where adventure never seems too far.”

The MyGR6 campaign is all about community. Y’all can submit a six word memoir on for your chance to enter and win amazing prizes.

There will be six grand prize winners, who will have their six on a billboard and also receive the “Ultimate Grand Rapids Prize Package” featuring local hotel, restaurant and entertainment certificates and other great prizes valued at over $10,000.

If you need some convincing allow me to show you exhbit A:

Here’s what I want you to do:

# I want you guys to submit your six. If you’ve ever been here, used to live here, currently reside in Michigan or have any ties to this amazing state at all.

# Go to MyGR6 and submit YOUR six.

# Then tell me about it here in the comments or if you’re on Twitter (I’m right her – follow me!) share it with me. You can even tell me all about it on Facebook.

I don’t have other prizes to give you for participating and I’m part of a campaign to spread the word, yes – but more than that … I just want to know. What about this place makes it your’s? What about this state, the area, the lakeshore – the cities and the beautiful places we have access to … what makes it special for you?

I’ve lived in Michigan for the past 20ish years and there are still roads and cities I’ve never seen – the magic of this place astounds me. I’ve had the itch to move away recently but I never feel like I’d be leaving this place because Michigan will always be with me.

A place where so many of my dreams have already come true and an endless array of possibilities for magic to happen. I summed up my crush on this City with my six: Where Adventure Never Seems Too Far, because looking ahead adventure is a main ingredient in our lives and I can’t wait to discover it.

See my disclosure here.

7 thoughts on “MyGR6, a love letter to a city. #spon #client

  1. “I’ve been away; I’ve never left.”

    As I didn’t renew our Meijer Gardens family card this year, winning would solve at least one problem. Babysitters would probably cost me more than an overnight at the Marriot. šŸ™‚

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