Universe: My son has no tact and I’m sorry.

We’ve entered the awkward “say what’s on your mind!” stage of being three.

It’s crushingly embarrassing. This weekend we tried a new restaurant and when someone sat down next to us (he was a large guy but not “large” just stature-wise) and our son announced to the entire restaurant that he would need a BIG DIAPER.

Diapers? I don’t know why they’re back in our conversation or why he thinks he can size up people with them, or that he has any idea why an adult would wear one … but alas. I have never tried harder to close my child’s mouth … with no success.

This morning in the post office he announced to the lobby that he let a Brown Person in the door. He means absolutely nothing by it, obviously, and we talk about the differences in people all the time – how beautiful we all our in our differences yet when my son refuses to call any female a she and continually says “he” for every person and then adds a color to their description. It makes me want to crawl out of there.

My daughter went through this too but on such a smaller scale. I’m pretty sure she got the picture soon after her first time announcing something like this when we hushed her and asked her to quietly share her thoughts with mom and dad, not the entire dinner table. Which also opened the door to better conversations about the uniqueness of “you” and “me”.

I almost don’t dare take my guy any where in this stage – he’s noticing the world around him but he has no Political Correctness in his vocabulary and the public around us is much less forgiving of his curiosity than we are.

How did you handle stuff like this in public when/if you’ve been through this stage too?

5 thoughts on “Universe: My son has no tact and I’m sorry.

  1. I wish I had some awesome, simple inspiring words for you that would make this phase easier.

    Truth is, we spent a lot of time doing at home activities when my daughter was 3 for this same reason. I believe the event that triggered it was a VERY loud “Mommy, why does that person only have one leg?” replied “I don’t know. Let’s keep going” and she turned to yell and ask them for herself. Which was followed by me picking her up and walking out of the store while she still continued to ask questions and I thought my face was going to burn off.

  2. Oh no! We’ve gone through this a little too, race especially is noticed because we live in a suburb that does not have a lot of diversity. My favorite was when my then 4-year-old told my 30-year-old big sister that she needs a husband, but that was actually ha-ha funny. Not so funny when he observed my large sister-in-law and brother-in-law with the ugly 3 letter F word. People are forgiving though. Out of the mouths of babes, right? Laugh when you can and write it all down to share with them when they’re older.

  3. With Jack, I just try the “Let’s stop and think about this. Is that a NICE thing to say?” tactic. But with comments like the BIG DIAPER…what do you do when, really, it’s just an accurate (albeit odd and hilarious) observation?? Not sure there’s an answer to that one.

  4. If there was a silver lining regarding my son’s poor articulation at that age…it was that only *I* could understand what what he was saying in situations like that. “Mommy! That is bad! Smoking is Bad!” As we walk by a man smoking. o.O

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