Christmas is coming!

December Birthday lunch, cookie decorating

This feeling I have for the anticipation of the holiday’s is a stark contrast to what last year was harboring for me. We were all sick going on a month straight, I botched my life-list of planning a party for Aaron’s 30th,40th and 50th birthdays (Dec 16th). His big day came and went with out so much as a birthday cake. We had to decide to sign another lease with the current apartment after selling the home we were building and paying off the loss we took on the home we sold 6 months prior … and oh hey! Merry Christmas?

I am super excited for this year though. It feels like a warm hug. Something to look forward to. A little nesting involved in creating memories in a home. I just love it.

Our tree

Also – BUDGETERS! Christmas is literally less than 3 months away – don’t forget to itemize your giving in your budgets now. Start January strong and without the pain of Christmas-last.

Here are some of my fav ideas I’ve collected for great gift giving – not necessarily just for Christmas.

1. Embroider a pillow with a special place (for us, our homes …)


2. Sew a trendy scarf


3. Gift something useful (and DIY)

Homemade vanilla make it now so it’s ready to use at Christmas.

Homemade grill rubs perfect for the chef or apprentice in your family.

4. Frame a fun (and free) print for the home.


Those are all the ideas I’m giving away at this point – if I give too many I won’t have any surprises for the people on my list šŸ™‚

What are your go-to Holiday ideas? Gifting that tin of puppy chow is not allowed unless you’re the chairperson of your cookie exchange. Get creative friends!

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  1. Last year I made a handmade gift for just about everyone on my list. Saved me come cash, even if I was sequestered in my makeshift sewing room at 3pm on Christmas Eve. This year I might start a little earlier. Like the 20th?

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