mini {how to} baking tip!

Ever run out of parchment paper or wax paper and had cookies coming out of the oven that needed to cool?

Really? Never?

Ok, well – WHEN YOU DO I have a tip for you.

Baking Tip!

You can place the newspaper right on the counter or over your cooling rack.

Baking Tip!Baking Tip!Baking Tip!

Then place your right-out-of-the-oven cookies on top to cool.

Baking Tip!Baking Tip!

Here’s the secret – the newspaper soaks up grease from the cookies. The cookies are still moist and delicious but no more shiny fingers (or faces) when you grab one for a treat.

Baking Tip!

When you’re done cooling all your cookies (can re-use for each and every pan per batch of cookies) you just recycle the newspaper. Easy!

Baking Tip!

I learned this tip from my mom when I was about my daughters age (6) and have been doing this since. We still buy wax paper and what not but this is one of those things that I saw over and over and over again that stuck.

Do you have any fun kitchen tips or tricks that you picked up from watching your mom/dad/grandma/someone constantly in the kitchen?

I can’t wait to hear someday what my kids remember most about the hours I spend above a mixer šŸ˜‰

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