6 thoughts on “Let’s do this. Again.

  1. I did have some but now can’t find them – I’ll re upload. I won’t show photos of the front of the house though … which is mostly what I’m hoping to decorate but you can give me some ideas of where I can get away with something festive inside 🙂

  2. I love the hair long! I have been trying to grow mine out for so long. Once you finally get it long, enjoy it for a bit because it takes so long to get there!

    As for decor…I would say do a beautiful fall wreath on the front door. Pinterest is full of inspiration there. I would spend time working on decor that can move with you. I’m trying to work on new family stockings and an advent calendar myself.

    Nice seeing you!

  3. Oh yay. Nice to be seen ;), thanks! I’m going to try to sew stockings this year so I’m excited for that. I was thinking planted pots for outside etc. And I guess they could come with me. I really really miss gardening or being outside in landscaping. It’s just not something you do when you rent – I would change everything if I could but it’s hard to know where the line is for enjoying your home and living in it. You know?

  4. Potted plants are a good idea! I got a few pepper plants this year in pots on the patio and it’s been really fun. I don’t have a great sunny spot for a garden, so pots have worked for me!

  5. Love the long hair!!! Keep it and enjoy it!

    As for decorating, we rented for years before we bought. The one thing I learned is you need to enjoy where you’re at. It might not be your dream home, but you can decorate it like it is. All the knick-knacks and garland and wreaths can be in any home you’re in so buy things that you love and make you smile and then whatever house they are hanging up in, you will feel at home. I also have learned it takes awhile to get a nice decor selection. I was never able to just go to the store and buy everything to decorate one room – way too much money. Would love to see what you come up with.

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