Revamping the Life List

I’ve been looking over my Life List lately and I think I need to revamp it. It’s time. Most of what I had written down a few years ago were good things, but limiting things. Like – since I don’t have a plan for *this* right now, I’ll just put it on this huge To Do list for my life. It’ll happen.

All of my dreams are still true, some just less important than I once thought.

Ground Tomatoes

I just wanted to be aware of the beauty in my life and I need a good reminder. The exhilaration isn’t so bad, either.

Ready to go, thumbs up

So by the end of this year I’d like to have crossed off 5 more things from my Life List … perhaps a few of these:

Gallop on horseback more often
Institute a pajama tradition for winter holidays
Learn how to salsa dance
Spend a month in Peru
Stand on a cliff and breathe

And I’ll be adding to it. If the last year has taught me anything it’s that I should be dreaming bigger.

Life List: See Northern Lights

Your turn: maybe you don’t have a list yet – but you have goals … what’s one that you can do before 2012 comes?

4 thoughts on “Revamping the Life List

  1. Fair Warning, this comment may become a brain dump…
    I thought I would quick glance at my list and throw out 3-5 in a comment to tell you what I want to tackle yet in 2011. First thing I discovered is that I didn’t even remember what computer file I had my list saved in. When I did find it I realized it hasn’t been opened or edited since Spring of 2009….just about the time our life long game plan added an unexpected play. I am just realizing that since then I have been afraid to dream, in fact quite often afraid to even exhale. I think it’s about time I pull out my life list and do a major revamp – and then start enjoying the journey a bit again! Thanks for the kick in the butt friend!

  2. Christmas pajamas! I’ve been doing that for a few years now, but this year I think I might take on the added challenge of sewing them myself! We NEED to get together for a sewing date!

  3. FWIW, when I opened your page today, my browser reported a security certificate error…mention it to Aaron.

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