The more I talk about “working” the more confused some of you are. I’m a blogger right?!!?? And a Mom.

So, what does this mean when I mention how busy I am, overwhelmed, projects aren’t (or are) going the way I thought or how I’m on a deadline?

How To: Make a wall clock

Here’s what I do in any given day and why when someone asks me if I’m a stay at home mom I no longer answer “yes”.

I get paid to write for other websites (My Turnstone, Curvy Girl Guide as well as freelance projects elsewhere. One time gigs, articles, photographs.), I get paid to take photos for companies, for the stories I write, recipes and for families. (I do not advertise this because photography is such a huge part of what I do personally and it’s oh-so-time-consuming.), I get pitched and paid to work with brands on campaigns – not all of them make it to this website but I’m working on them nonetheless.

I do not get paid but work full time on Gleek Retreat, a conference for bloggers. In fact, hi! If you are one YOU CAN COME! and if you know of a brand or company who loves to sponsor things – SHOW THEM THIS.

Not to mention all the writing, projects, how to’s, recipes, photos and videos I do here. Right here for you. I love you.

I also take care of my share of carpool, breakfast/lunch and dinner, grocery shopping, cleaning our house, making life fun for our kids, planning a social life for us and having friends over.

Some days I sleep.

There are chunks of time in my day that I have so much to do and accomplish that all I do is sit and stare at a wall. I need a project manager. I’ve said this before but I would totally pay someone to market what I do so I don’t have to – if I could sit in a room all day with my music and camera and do the wonderful that I LOVE to do … we’d all make money.

I did look at office space last week but Aaron’s not quite on board with an overhead for Jodimichelle.com yet. I need a little more organization in order to justify that. But it’s coming.

If I could delegate the organization to someone else who knows how to delegate back and keep me on track I’d be able to DO stuff. Like “Live cooking demos” and more videos, but not just in my porch during nap time. I have ideas coming out of my ears on interactive content but not enough time to get to it.

I use Google Calendar like it’s my brain, Evernote for all the ideas I don’t know where to put, my “draft” folder almost has more content than this website and the external hard drives literally jump when I turn them on. I’ve got shit to share and not enough time to share it.

So am I working? Yes, my ass off.

Then there’s my Life List the project I’m working the hardest on right now. Life is about to get exciting around here (like it isn’t already?) and I can’t wait.

Got ideas? I love them – tell them to me. My idea of fun isn’t really sitting by myself all day and staring at my computer. I want to get out there with you, interact, make videos and content that you guys can laugh with me at. Let’s start having more fun.



5 thoughts on “Timeline

  1. I would love to hear more about google calendar and evernote. I am all about finding ways to stay organized that cut down on paper and folders full of crap in my desk!!

  2. I love by my Google calendar too! And now, I put all of my “ideas” on Pinterest.

    I wish I was closer so I could help put some more of your ideas into action!

  3. I’d love to hear your thoughts on time management, do you have any sort of routine in your work (beyond the family time routine of being a mom and wife)? I’ve found in my job that I have to tackle anything challenging in the morning and leave brainless tasks for the afternoon. How do you keep track of and prioritize when you have so many things going on all over the place?

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