I take so many photos and rarely ever print them. Does that surprise you? I used to scrapbook and print all kinds of photos in order to do so and now? I think the last time I printed a photo to hand out, frame at home or just have was when my son was 18 months old.

And I never actually sent them out.

I do have my favorites though. I’m just drawn to some of my photos – not because they’re amazing photos to anyone else … but because they mean something to me. Or better yet, make me feel.

Here are just a few (ok a lot) of the photos I think I’ll print some day and hang on my office wall. Big ones.

{how to} make mini pinata's!

Boulder, Co Vacation Day: 1

in the kitchen


First slumber party!

Boulder Ridge Animal Park


A view

Candied Orange peels



Want one? Which one?? I’ll make it available.

What makes you stop, stare and remember something? Some of these photos make me feel like I can put something into action: accomplish! But not hurried, just allowed. They’re whispers for me.

If it’s not a photo for you – what is it? A note that you keep around? I have a hand written note from my {step}dad who passed away. His handwriting alone will bring tears to my eyes – but the words those letters make are etched on my heart. I’ll always feel special when I see his typeface. Or is it a piece of fabric? A pattern? A custom drawing or something your child made for you? What is it that you surround yourself with that when you see it, feel it, touch it – it rises to greet you, too?

One thought on “Drawn

  1. I love the picture of sweet sandy fingers holding the bird feather.

    One of my whispers is hydrangea blossoms. I have a few in the house all year round sometimes fresh, sometimes dry.

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