{how to} create a Quiet Box

I saw this idea on Pinterest (WHERE ELSE!??!) and had to do it.

I bought the bins from the Dollar store and scavenged the house for items to play with. I made five bins for my son and he has no idea they exist yet.

Quiet Box

You’ll need:

One box or package for each day you need rest time. We did 5 for Mon-Fri. Weekends we all nap, we’re that. much. fun.

Misc items, books or toys from around the house. Mix it up, be surprising. My son l-o-v-e-s texture. A bin of rice would keep him busy for literally 3 hours. (I’ve tried, it’s proven.) But I stayed away from food or objects smaller than a quarter because the idea is that these boxes will be used up in his room – away from me.

This is what my loot looked like at my first pass:

Quiet Box

Quiet Box

Hats, play food, feathers, googly eyes, trucks and cars, tools (that do not cut) and some coloring stuff.

My bins – phase one:

Quiet Box

Quiet Box

Quiet Box

Quiet Box

My bins have some repeating items and I’m not sure how well that will go over but as I get him used to this one bin a day concept I’ll be able to add and take away items that I’m noticing get left out or hoarded in his pockets.

You should see what comes through the wash.

Viola! You (hopefully) successfully created some quiet time for your child, who has no idea they’re learning, as well as for you. You *should* do the laundry but I won’t tell if all you do is sip a cup of tea and watch the weather.

It’s quiet time, after-all.


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