Boulder Vacation

We’re home! On Friday – our plan was to pack up and head to Denver, spend the day there and catch our flight home by 7 that evening.

We packed and went to Denver alright, almost got divorced and headed straight back to Boulder for the day. I’m not a fan of Denver, to put it lightly. More so I’m not a fan of being told I’ll be solo parenting the last day of our vacation with no place to rest or administer naps to our crazy kids while single handedly figuring out what to do with seven very long hours.

I was ready for a taste of whatever this myth that is Vacation is all about. A break, maybe?

And honestly, I didn’t almost divorce Aaron. More like we were both ready to emancipate our children. Also, no one touch me.

So team, Rally! Here are some tips when you travel with a working spouse and small kids:


Do not travel with a working spouse and small kids.


If you must travel with small kids, bring a babysitter.


Realize that traveling with a working spouse and/or children is not actually a vacation … it is overtime.


Stay somewhere with a bath tub, draw a hot bath every night and get all pruney. It’s a technical term.


Lighten up! It’s going to be stressful and tiring, but laugh it up and wrestle once in awhile. Eat cookies for breakfast, wake up before dawn and try something you would do at home in a new place. (Libraries, parks etc)

I think I learned my lesson. Before Denver though, we had one more glorious day in Boulder and we finally made it to Chautauqua for a hike after eating a Last Supper kind of meal at the house, trying to get rid of all our food before we had to leave.

Boulder, Co Day 6

Seriously, the bathroom in this place: Amazing.

Boulder, Co Day 6

Boulder, Co Day 6


Boulder, Co Day 6

Boulder, Co Day 6

Boulder, Co Day 6

Boulder, Co Day 6

Boulder, Co Day 6

Boulder, Co Day 6

I have no photos of Friday – but after returning to Boulder we walked along the creek, ate lunch on Pearl St and checked out a couple of stores. I woke up on Friday morning with a knot in my stomach from a weird dream that turned terrible all the while being kicked and punched by our son who, at some point, made my side of the King Bed his personal domain for karate chopping through his own dream.

It slowly got worse through the day and somewhere after lunch I thought I was going to freak out from the pain in my chest. Like little rocks and air bubbles. A feeling I have had before … one I do not ever want to have again.

I’m fine! It’s fine! We’re all ok – but it was an unpleasant way to spend our last day in Boulder – so completely stressed out.

We were all slap happy by the time we got to the airport. The kids having had a small nap in the car we found our gate and set up camp while we waited for our departure.

We made friends and the kids were a great magnet for the most interesting conversations. I love other travelers. The plane ride home was less of an adventure than the one out to Boulder a week earlier. We even found a couple rows of seats that we could have the kids stretch out in and fall asleep.

I fell in bed at 1:30 this morning …

It’s good to finally be home.

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  1. I’m happy you enjoyed yourself even through the stressful moments! I completely agree about not truly being on vacation if your kids are with you – but that’s par for the course when you’re a mom – I don’t think dads experience that stress as much(at least at my house!).

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