Halloween! And Fairies?

We started something after our first Halloween with kids that now is part of our tradition on October 31st. Our kids talk about it daily leading up to Halloween and even this morning at breakfast I got an earful about how excited our daughter is for tomorrow morning.

We have a Halloween Fairy.

Halloween Loot

We let our kids dress up and Trick or Treat, eat some candy while doing so and get all excited about everyone’s costume.

Jessica, Halloween 2008

Halloween 2009

Carve pumpkins and even make all the fun treats to have at home.

Oh squirrels - how I want to shoot you all.

Halloween spirit

But …

Once we’re home and they’ve looked at all their candy and chosen a few pieces to keep – we take their candy away.

Better yet? They hand it over.

Then when we put them to bed at night we set their spoils outside their door for the Halloween Fairy. During the night, she comes to collect the candy and in it’s place leaves a little trinket or present for each child.

Our kids don’t even care that they don’t get the candy and we take it away for so many reasons.

Having that much sugar before the rest of the Holiday season (or anytime, really) is a surefire way for our family to be sick for months on end. We know, we’ve lived it. And dolling it out on a daily, ration type basis is worse. Highly refined sugar everyday takes a toll on our health more than eating it in one setting and being done with it. I just refuse to allow my kids to go that far with candy. (From experience and now lifelong consequences.)

We like our kids. On sugar highs? I don’t so much enjoy them.

They get one set of teeth.

Less is so much more.

What do you do differently on Halloween?

4 thoughts on “Halloween! And Fairies?

  1. That’s a great idea! Usually we just put the kids’ candy up and hope they forget about it. Which they usually do, within a few days. This year I might try the “buy-back” system, in which each piece is worth a dime or so, and they can chose to sell it to us for pocket money. What’s that? A hidden math lesson? Bwahahaha!

  2. Thanks Tandy!! It was fun šŸ™‚ Jessica woke up at 3 am to show us what she got from the fairy … a Tony Hawks skate board and ramp (finger) set. I love that kid.

  3. That’s a fun idea! We usually let the kids (and ourselves!) indulge for a day or two then hubby takes the haul off to work to be distributed in the breakroom candy bowl. If you have ever worked in an office you also know that free food (no matter what it is) seems to disappear when left to anonymous looting in the breakroom or some common area. Quite the phenomenon, really! šŸ˜‰

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