DIY Shoe Pallet

Another idea from Pinterest that solved a problem in our house.

I spent ZERO dollars on this project and I didn’t pull out one tool. I used my muscles; which are huge, for the record, and my hands (not huge).

In our last house (that we owned) we had a 3 season breezeway that was on it’s way to becoming our laundry room/mudroom/kitchen prep room Place of Amazing. We paid our favorite contractor around $1,200 to build a custom cubby situation with shoe storage, a mail sorting desk, pantry shelves and lockers.

Mudroom solution: Ardmore house

It was b-glorious. I loved it. We ended up painting it an orange, yellow and I probably would have repainted it something cleaner (more cohesive to the rest of the room) had we stayed. But oh well! Someone else’s problem now.

Only – now that we’re renting and shlepping 18 million pairs of shoes around and no longer have the room for custom built cabinets (nor the budget as a renter) for a permanent solution to the ongoing suffering of our back entry … well. I did this.

Shoe problem? Didn't think so.

And here’s how:

Welcome to our back entry. A place of many insurance problems, I’m sure.

{how to} make a shoe pallet

We were about to hang a liability disclaimer on the back door letting folks know that any fall or mishap was their sole responsibility. šŸ˜‰

In short: it’s a mess back there. And we trip over eachother and shoes and our CSA crate and I dump stuff there that I don’t know what to do with or for a trip to the garage when the weather turns …

{how to} make a shoe pallet

I went on a hunt this morning for a pallet thinking I’d need two but only had room for one in the van – you should have seen my daughters face when I pulled over (in the Lowes parking lot at their dumpster pile) and ruffled through the pallets laying in the rain. I think she was half mesmerized that I was actually doing this and half mortified that I didn’t care who saw me.

We found one and I lugged it to the van for use in our back entry.

{how to} make a shoe pallet

Then I just kicked around the shoes and whatever else was laying around to make some room for the pallet.

{how to} make a shoe pallet

{how to} make a shoe pallet

And simply leaned it against the wall.

{how to} make a shoe pallet

Stuck our shoes in the slots, toes first, and was amazed that they all fit on one pallet with room to spare.

{how to} make a shoe pallet

{how to} make a shoe pallet

A totally free solution!

{how to} make a shoe pallet

Now I just need to vacuum šŸ˜‰ …. and hang a new sign ::Welcome to our home::

12 thoughts on “DIY Shoe Pallet

  1. That is AWESOME!! Now can you find something to do with all of the other crap on my back porch? Reusable grocery bags and bottles that need to be returned, specifically?

  2. ha! we don’t live near dirt roads and aren’t in mud very often. That’s about it. The soles of their shoes are always dirty and white always get’s scuffed and brown … but we don’t take special care of shoes.

  3. If you didn’t lean it but stood it straight up would the shoes fall out? Wondering if I could mount one on my wall in the garage for our boots.

  4. I saw this idea and was tempted to give it a try too – I love free solutions. However, I’d like an update from you in a couple weeks to hear if your dear family takes the time to re-hang their shoes or if they still end up in a pile near the base of it leaving you to organize for them. I’m a tad bit worried it might cause me more stress…

  5. Absolutely – hanging it straight would work too. The toes of the shoes do a lean on their own which “locks” the shoe in place. I think it’d be a great way to store boots in the garage!

  6. I will definitely let you know! I foresee it being a great addition to our back door – we tried it today and already the kids think it’s some sort of magic trick. They’re very willing to make Magic Happen … it’s all about the angle šŸ˜‰

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