The Turkey Bowl

Because we haven’t had enough of my thoughts on parenting or how my kids are growing up lately, I thought I’d bring you one more story tonight.

Who remembers this? The awful day in kindergarten, almost exactly one year ago, that I forgot to show up for my kid.

I hadn’t been thinking about that because lately I’ve made it a priority to change my calendar in order to be there consistently for both of my kids. Helping in school and on field trips, involving each other in their siblings classroom. Snacks! Treats! Signing up to volunteer!

And you know what? I really like it. Like, I love it-like it.

I ran to a fabric store this morning because I had this idea to surprise my daughter with a special shirt for The Turkey Bowl at school before Thanksgiving break. I kind of fell through on the “50’s” themed day with a poodle skirt and I refuse to be the mediocre reason my kid never expects a higher standard from me.

Problem is on my way to check out I ran through the days in my head and felt my stomach drop when I realized today is Thursday and the Turkey Bowl is on Thursday.

I can’t even explain to you the colors of red I saw at that realization. Completely disappointed in myself for not being on top of this.

I bought the supplies any way. I needed to. I was proving something to myself and buying that fabric and the blank t-shirts meant I would be ready the next time.


So when I picked her up this afternoon and she announces that TOMORROW IS THE TURKEY BOWL {!!!!!!!!!!}, I had redemption.

She'll be ready for the Turkey Bowl at school tomorrow! #imadethis

I was planning on staying up late to sew this together after my mom and {step}dad went home (we had them over for dinner tonight) but then got to talking to my mom about it and excitedly showing off my fabrics when she told me of a short cut. (Iron-on no-sew. I am in love. I even had some, miraculously, saved from all the moving and purging.)

So in less than 15 minutes I had this shirt made for my daughter. It’ll be waiting for her with a big breakfast for the athlete tomorrow morning.

You guys???? YOU GUYS!

I’m being the mom I want to be and there’s something incredibly freeing in knowing how.

2 thoughts on “The Turkey Bowl

  1. I remembered this post from last year and I’m using it as inspiration for making Turkey tshirts for all 3 of my kiddos.

    Re-reading it gave me an “a-ha” moment though, something I didn’t really expect. I was just searching for a fun craft project to do for my 3 loves.

    “… I refuse to be the mediocre reason my kid never expects a higher standard from me.”

    “Iā€™m being the mom I want to be and thereā€™s something incredibly freeing in knowing how.”

    These two quotes sum it up for me right now! šŸ™‚

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