We’re thankful for … pills?

Concerns: things she's thankful for - Susan? Fish Oil? Motorcycles? Boy looking longingly in girls eyes?

There are entirely too many cut outs of pills and medication type bottles on this little school craft. Also some weird looking food items, apparently we’re thankful for only the tips of people’s boots and well, Susan Sarandon?

Concerns: things she's thankful for - Susan? Fish Oil? Motorcycles? Boy looking longingly in girls eyes?

1. The pills and Fish Oil. Neither of which she takes, ever. Once in a while we have kid vitamins and she doesn’t see Aaron or I taking pills daily either. I am so confused. Maybe she’s thankful for health?

2. Shoes (tip of a boot). I’m thinking that the school needs more magazines.

3. This is a Turkey. And when you don’t know it’s a turkey it sure does look like a talking penis.

4. A boy and girl about to make-out. With almost no clothes on. This is where we’ll be able to point one day and know, for sure, that this was where we went drastically wrong. According to her – she’s thankful for Mom and Dad. (Points to this picture.) So I guess we need to be more careful about making out near bodies of water in our swim suits. On the plus side: affectionate naked people = mom and dad. So ….

5. Susan Sarandon. I just. I don’t know. With a milk mustache, no less. She pointed to this and said “I’m thankful for mom”. Susan, you are every child’s mother apparently. Because I don’t drink milk (never have, not once.), my hair is dirty blonde and very straight and I’m well on this side of 50. I do smile though, I’m glad she saw those eyes and thought … hmmm, my mom is happy and I like my mom. (I’m taking a liberty there.)

She’s also very, very thankful for pizza. Berries, flowers, oranges and water.

And motorcycles.

She has a dream of motor-crossing some day. Her dad did inline skating, so of course she chooses a hobby with bigger wheels and an entire motor.

Yep, that’s my girl.

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  1. Just read this and was laughing the whole way through! Hilarious! And. I love seeing things through kids’ eyes…thanks for delving deeper into this for me 🙂

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