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You can find me around the web this week talking about all kinds of things, recently on Turnstone I share some tips for Throwing an Office Holiday Party:

This is the time of year when it seems that working around your work schedule is a full time job but are you making time to celebrate with your coworkers too?

Here’s a few great ideas for your office party (committee optional).

First, let’s discuss.

What do you want out of your Office party this season? As the wife of someone who has employees it’s important for us to give back to the people who give us so much. Their time and talent are gifts to us but without them, we don’t have an office to throw a party. It’s also a great time to regroup as a company, realign strategies and allies for another great year ahead.

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On Curvy Girl Guide I show you how to make a delicious roast chicken and DIY a pressure cooker all at once as well as dish on the Real Estate Market and gab about how much I love to move as well as buy and sell houses.

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