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Oliver and his trucks

Our car has been to the mechanic often lately. Both of them, actually. Our wallets are not too happy about this but we have amazing mechanics and love that we always feel comfortable bringing our cars to them. Probably because neither of us are self-proclaimed car people. We just, I mean. They’re cars.

We’ll change their oil and clean their carpets. I’ll even be sure to rotate the tires and name mine … but I don’t care about my car too much. It’s a thing. I also don’t care about your car – that’s another thing.

I care about old Ford Pick-Up’s and my very first car. Otherwise? We’re pretty clueless about them.

I’ve spent some quality time in the lobby of our mechanic’s office recently and it got me thinking – with all the rearranging of schedules and phone calls and whatnot … there are days that our mechanic knows more about my daily life than my husband.

Can’t come in today, threw my back out.

I’m the helper in my sons classroom, after that?

Kids are off school right now, next week?

I guess this could be considered chit-chat, something I am terrible at. Is this small talk? Am I now making small talk with our mechanics?

Or am I just that girl who is awesome at the awkward conversations?

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