Thanksgiving weekend

We’ve had a pretty good holiday so far and I’ve been sufficiently embarrassed across the internet all weekend. We can thank my adoring husband for that. You’ll see … just wait.

We started Thanksgiving relaxing around the house and decided to try out a new skate park in town.

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We had the pleasure of having 2 Thanksgiving feasts on Thursday with family. I worked off the gravy by whooping ass at Just Dance on the wii. First time I ever played. And we don’t own a wii. But now I want one. Proof:

Our kids got in on the fun too.

And now I’m plotting revenge on Aaron for posting the clip online. Those followers he was talking about? You just sign up right here.

Overnight our daughter got a flu bug and we’ve spent the day today in-between naps and toilet watch. Poor girl.

Poor girl. Flu took over last night ...

Yesterday (at the skate park) it was chilly. I was hanging out taking photos when my fingers froze.

Baby, it's cold outside. #HappyThanksgiving

And today? It’s 54 outside. Crazy.

Happy Thanksgiving/Black Friday You Nutters!

Things to cross of the long weekend list yet:

# Cut down a Christmas Tree and decorate it/the house.

# Get rid of extra junk laying around.

# Clean out garage so our second car can sleep in it this winter, too.

# Get groceries. Apparently not today.

# Make an entire list of breads and meals. I have a plan.

# Wrap the presents.

# Projects for articles, how-to’s and photographing processes.

We’re gonna be busy. But I like it that way.

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