A still life

Still Life: a table of my life

My life often looks like this – I see it as beautiful chaos. There’s a little bit of all of us on this table – bright colors, papers and cords notwithstanding. This is the heart of this house, a table with 2 extra leaves. Chairs for dinner, homework and a quiet cup of tea.

Still Life: a table of my life

A place to hang our coats and bags. To set our favorite lovies down for a rest. A place to get the glue out, paint all over and leave our scraps for the imaginary bears.

Art-work. Home-work. Work.

I give myself (and my daughter) extra time together on the days my son is in daycare. On these days we have a cushion of precious minutes to spend together. Just the two of us. A needed remedy to a life of overlapping forgetfulness. Nomadic folks that we are, we often squish everything we can into any moment and having unplanned and open hours to spend how we’d like? Gold.

This was today – these moments. The moments I could sit and stare at her smile, even better? The moments she freely did.

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