{how to} wrap your presents for free

Creative Wrapping Paper, a how to.

I don’t have anything against wrapping paper, just that it’s over done. And everyone and their cousin’s brother has a closet full of the stuff. Except me? I gave away most of my stockpile in the wrapping department when we sold our house.

I’ve seen most of these ideas in magazines or around pinterest but got really excited about them when I saw an uber-creative and very talented friend gift wrap a present for her husband in an old blueprint.


You’ll need:

Creative Wrapping Paper, a how to.

Old blueprints, old sewing patterns, comics, scissors, tape and gifts!

I called up that favorite realtor of ours and asked if he had any old blueprints or if anyone in the office might? Maybe you know a contractor? Hoarder? Is it possible you know a realtor who is involved with a development?

He had a few laying around and agreed to give a few to me. GIDDY! (I have a few other ideas for them as well – but as gift wrap? AMAZING. So fun.)

Sewing patterns you either have in your basement or at your local thrift store for 10 cents a piece. And comics? If you don’t get the paper – your local paper is a great place to walk in and ask for day old or week old papers to sort through. Also, your parents? Grandparents? Anyone who gets the paper?

Creative Wrapping Paper, a how to.

Creative Wrapping Paper, a how to.

Creative Wrapping Paper, a how to.

Creative Wrapping Paper, a how to.

Creative Wrapping Paper, a how to.

Your tree just got interesting.

Creative Wrapping Paper, a how to.

It begs to be mentioned that this is a great alternative (and eco friendly version) for wrapping but it’s also mostly free. In my case, entirely. You throw away or recycle the gift wrap after opening presents but there’s no need to throw away your money too. Right?

Friends!! What are you doing differently this year?

5 thoughts on “{how to} wrap your presents for free

  1. This is really a great and a GREEN way of wrapping gifts. i am sure if we all start doing it, we would so much of paper. Coz we all have pile of newspapers in our houses.

    I think it will help in creating an awareness for the upcoming generations too…

  2. Loved the comic one. I’ve been using my newspapers too to wrap items. The colorful pages of the comic sort of provide a good and artistic random design to the present.

  3. great idea! I always hate wrapping paper because you see it everywhere. I usually just end up getting silver or gold paper and making in my own by drawing on it with sharpies or finding cool ribbon; but I am loving your idea to mix it up!

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