How Pinterest is making me trendy

I own a flat iron. Straight iron? I don’t even know, anyway that’s not the point – my hair grows super fast and that’s helpful because I’m growing it out but we’re to the stage of growing things out that I’ve lost that love and feeling.

I just don’t know what else to do with my hair. Blow dry it, let it be. Pull it up, let it be. Those are my tricks.

And then Pinterest became my 17 year old bff with DIY’s and how-to’s and YAY! GIRLIE!

I think I’m doing it wrong …

A little too Texas for me. #flatironcurl

My hair doesn’t curl. Period. So I have to manipulate it and beg it and promise to wash it nice and long to get my hair to do something besides lay there being straight. I took my time, I looked at more than one tutorial – I even watched a video on the whole process and I still got lackluster beachy-ness going on.

It’s a little too “pageant” and on it’s way to being “Texan” for my taste. I definitely like the soft curl look but not bouncy, bouncy 4-square hair.

See? This is why I’m not cut out for this. Owning boobs is overrated.

Please discuss: bangs, what to do about the huge hole my part leaves on my forehead and please link up to some fun/easy hair situations. I probably need an escorted visit to a drug-store where someone forces me to buy things that I have no idea what to do with.

I’ll be away this weekend with girlfriends. I’ll be sure to bring this up with them and report back – but I want your input too. Leave a comment, please and thank you šŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “How Pinterest is making me trendy

  1. I have stick straight, long hair that hardly holds curl. I don’t know how much curl you’re looking for, but I found the no-heat headband curl on Pinterest.

    She gives good instructions and the curl that I’ve gotten from doing this is like nothing I’ve ever been able to get from a curling iron. (and a ‘+’ is you don’t even have to own a curling iron to do this!)

    She has a bunch of other hair tutorials that are easy to do and aren’t time consuming.

    Here’s another no-heat curl tutorial… haven’t tried it, but it looks easy enough…

  2. Ah! The curl-resistance – I guess I know which side of the family Emma got it from. She wanted me to give her curls so badly one day, but her hair refused. It wouldn’t even begin to curve.

    I do think you’d be a knockout with bangs – but not non-committal, swept to the side, longish ones. I’m talkin’ above your eyebrows, retro pin-up style. Things worth doin’, you know? Otherwise, Jodi, you have some
    Gorgeous long tresses that are begging for Heidi braids, which are super easy – I do them on Eleanor’s head on the rare occasion that she lets me.

  3. I like Tandy’s idea about Heidi braids! Then…maybe you could get some waves when you take it out. Me? I am not a bangs fan – unless you have a gigantic forehead (which you don’t – your forehead is rather nice and worth showing off!).
    I love the messy bun too – or just pulling back the top half and letting the rest stay long.
    And I definitely vote for you to keep growing it out!

  4. I usually get my idea from my stylist. We’re already very close and I trust his recommendations. Your hair actually looks great. I am a big fan of bangs myself. They are really the trend.

  5. I look at magazines or blogs like this one to get my hair style idea. You look really great. Thank you for sharing.

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