Getting here

I had a glorious weekend. A couple friends and I spent the night at a hotel in downtown Grand Rapids. We ate here and here.

Sushi at and lettuce wraps and a shared plate at Pf Changs. Also? The Wall of Chocolate. Try it. No, really.

I started the day with fluffy hair. Yes, fluffy. I ended the day with some makeup tips – a glass of red and flatter hair.

Girlie weekend

Concealer? How have I never heard of this before?

We were upgraded to the Concierge level as a hotel guest at the JW which meant we had access to a special lounge with free food and drinks and amazing views.


I get a little anxious about spending time doing … well, nothing. I like to go and then go some more and then keep going. So after falling over in bed at 2:30 am Friday night and waking up a mere 6 1/2 hours later at nine I was ready to shower, apply new make up tips, put on some shoes and head out. To what? No one knows. But I was ready to DO something.

Instead I stayed in my PJ’s, sans bra and makeup and socks and laid in bed with some of my best friends and talked the morning away. We searched online for a few things, giggled. Talked about being hungry but ended up being lazy and finally made our way to the concierge lounge for breakfast.

Literally minutes too late for the feast – we quickly stole as much leftover bread as we could, managed to find where they kept the jams and special baby jars of exquisite toppings and ate a breakfast of laughter, peanut butter toast and renewal.

I haven’t had so much fun being in the moment in a long time. Fresh coffee was finally put out and my morning was complete. No matter what we did the rest of the day I was content, I finally slowed down. My mind stopped. I opened up to the conversations, my ears popped to the topics and something inside of me decided to wake up.

Maybe the part of me that wants to keep going? Because for a while now I’ve been going, for sure, but wanting to? Not so much. Not a cry for help or a danger zone, just … just … floating.

And it feels good to be here. Finally.

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  1. Don’t you love the JW? SO fun that you stayed downtown GR! I miss it so much and we’re not even far away!

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