Baby’s First Christmas Ornaments

Last week I wrote about my Baby’s First Christmas Ornament and it’s gotten some attention (the ornament itself) because they don’t make them anymore. Ornaments in general can be a little gaudy or boring. So I found a few places with fun and somewhat vintage looking ornaments for the Baby’s first year.

Here’s mine, on our tree:

Christmas Tree 2011

I found September Houses Flickr stream with some LOVELY embroidered ornaments. I love this one.

A crocheted carriage here. (as a pack of 12?? But still the price is good.)

Adorable rocking horses with sleeping babes here.

A sleeping babe in angels wings here.

Hallmark’s line of Baby Ornaments here – has a vintage-ish looking carriage as part of their collection. Kinda fun!

Where are you guys finding great ornaments this year? I went to Etsy but mostly found hand painted spheres as a whole in the genre of “ornaments”. Not really what I was looking for … bahumbug.

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  1. When I was in Germany in APril, I stayed in Rothenburg ab der Tauber for a few nights which is a very famous place for Christmas stuff in the ancient part of the city. Lots of stores dedicated to just Christmas stuff. Here’s one:

    If you haven’t seen the pictures, bug Linda…unfortuneately, the stores prohibited cameras, but the town is amazing by itself.

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