Where’s Waldo?

Here’s a list of the articles I’ve written across the web lately. I’ve been pretty bogged down over here with the Holidays and kids and getting sick. “Bogged” is probably the wrong word because I’ve been having a great time working and living life, just haven’t made the time to check in and tell you all about it. Once the Holiday’s pass and our schedule gets back to normal so will my routine.

For now read me everywhere else:

After a fun weekend away with girlfriends I wrote Sex me up! A coupon book. for Curvy Girl Guide. I have so many disclaimers to put on this article but instead I’m shutting my mouth and avoiding eye contact. In the mean time, please pay attention to your marriage under the covers. You deserve it.

Then I shared 5 Holiday Drinks to bring on the cheer at Curvy Girl Guide as well. That photo-shoot was a blast. And no, I didn’t drink them all … but you should!

On Turnstone this week I crossed our perpetual moving with moving an office and gave some tips on keeping the business running while all of that cardboard is flying.

Which led to Settling In, a little “feng shui” for your home away from home. (The office, as a hint.)

This weekend we’ll be snowboarding on fake snow because Michigan has stopped believing in a White Christmas. It was mid-50’s yesterday and where I am not about to complain about the weather (because I might literally be the only Michigander who isn’t) I must say … Touche!

In reference to “getting sick” as I said at the beginning of this post – my blood sugar levels have been giving me a run for my money lately. I’ll dive into that one more soon – it’s a round-a-bout story that involves some very vulnerable conversation from me.

So I’ll leave you with this: I love ya! Who’s done Christmas shopping? What’s in your stocking? and What’s the one thing on your list that you hope to see on the 25th?

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