Birthday’s and Tradition’s

Today is Aaron’s 31st birthday and last night I made reservations at one of our favorite restaurants to celebrate his birthday with the kids because today we’re off to go be snowbunnies and snowboard together.

One of the items on my Life List is to throw a huge party for Aaron’s 30th, 40th, and 50th birthdays. Last year came and went with little to no fanfare and this year? I’m making good on my list. Except the “huge” part of this party is going to be a bunny hill and the bruises on our asses.

When it comes around to his 40th I’m pretty sure he’ll thank me for this because by then I’ll have teenagers and throwing a party will be EXACTLY what I need to do with my time. Throwback to “The O.C” anyone? Anyone?

This is the year of traditions methinks because this is the year I’ve started them. Or repeated them? We got the kids new jammies for story time with the animals at Great Wolf Lodge (slippers included), I baked cookies, we cut a tree down, my daughter decorates it while I string the lights and the boys go to the hardware store.

And last night – we celebrated “fancy” as my daughter would say. Then we broke off and took each kid shopping for the other before bed. A tradition I can’t wait to repeat.

Part of the hopeless-romantic side of me longs for habitual, sturdy and repetitive family memories because as a child there are few for me and as a mom I hope there are many.

SO – Happy Birthday Aaron! I love the way we dream together.


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