I have bruises on my thumbs, both knees, inner thighs, buttocks, calves, instep of my foot and ego.

Snowboarding was AWESOME.

Thankfully I have no footage or photos of this process but please believe me when I say I have scars from falling as well as laughing from the process.

I cannot wait to go again.

Tips: you either stand (lean) on your toes or your heels. No flat footing. Also? Your tailbone is an optional appendage you gamble while trying this sport. You may or may not have one when you’re done trying.

Your experiences? I’m waiting …. (do tell in the comments!) I haven’t been snowboarding since before I was pregnant with kids. I sold my board and gear when I was pregnant with baby #2 – that was kind of awkward: a young boy and his dad came to pick them up and my belly full of Oliver sold them a sport. WOo hoo! Totally fun! No really!

It was so fun to be back on a hill. I owned that bunny hill and then was convinced to take another chair lift to another (harder) bunny hill but then found out at the top of Level Before Black Diamond Hill That Leads To Other Bunny Hill Size Slopes was closed and the only way down was DOWN … I fell some, but made it down without wrecking myself, unlike Aaron, and then at the very bottom of I MADE IT HILL which is also the top of bunny-hill-previously-owned – I fell at the wrong angle on my tailbone and started whimpering. I was not going to cry but I should have cried.

Other than that? AMAZING. And I literally hope to go again this year. So, snow? Let’s do this.

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