Some pre-winter hibernating – getting caught up on life in real time, having a blast with my family and trying to get my blood sugar under control about sums up the past month.

I’ve had this desire to MAKE, do, create as well and I’ve had fun trying new recipes and homemade versions of cleaners via pinterest. I’m acually giddy to do laundry now and the dishes too. Something about knowing I made the detergent and it smells SOOOO good, it just makes me happy. Also? I spent about $8 for six months worth of laundry soap and dishwashing detergent.

We also tried a new chocolate chip cookie recipe. It makes one million cookies, but I’m told they’re delicious.

This is a winner as well and now in our “favorite” rotation. Pork tenderloin … mmmm.

I have plans to make this in January with friends and then eat it directly after.

And Christmas morning is going to look delicious this year. (I’ll be eating my usual eggs. Yay diabetes!)

But I still love baking and making so I won’t stop. What have you been taking from your Pin boards and making a reality lately??

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