There’s something blue in his ear


I called the phone nurse this afternoon thinking we’d be told to give him some tylenol and wait it out a few days. There’s been some wheezing (increasingly worse) and today he started complaining about pain in his ear.

He has a history of ear infections and I just figured we were due for one about this time of year but because of the wheezing the phone nurse said we should have him looked at – only they didn’t have anything available for the next 48 hours. She suggested Prime Care but we literally live 4 blocks from our hospital … so I took him to the ER to see a doctor.

“There’s something blue in his ear”

Oh? Is that normal? Does that mean he has a really bad infection?

No, like an object. A sticker?

Oh. Well He does have a history of sticking things in his ears.

And sure enough – he let me take a peek. There it was, a sticker, shoved down his ear canal.

Turns out he has croup as well, confirmed by a chest x-ray. They tried too many times to get the sticker out of his ear and it was torture watching him bite his lip, tears streaming down his face repeating “I’m not brave! I’m not brave!” while they jerked around his tender ears for the sticker.

Needless to say – we were referred to the ENT and hopefully tomorrow they’ll have a gentler way of extracting the sticker.

After they were done fussing with his ear you’d never know he wasn’t feeling well expect that after a late dinner of eggs (his favorite) he fell asleep while Aaron was singing to him.

Sweetest boy ever.


Just try and convince me otherwise.

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