Another year

With all things new year coming I’m forced to read and/or make my own goals. Last year I proclaimed 2011 as the Year Of Being Fluid. That was fun.

I always find that the end of the year is a marathon in reorganizing expectations and realigning possibilities for the new year. I’ve found over the years of bloggingonline journaling that I have a pretty cyclical nature when it comes to the big things in life. I cycle through emotions, generally feeling lost while doing so. I write my way out of it, in to it or around it and then I can get on with it.

To be honest, I was going to close up shop this year – I was going to proclaim 2012 the year of actually living, experiencing the things I “pin” or bookmark. I was going to revamp into being the Doer I started out as. Then I wanted to write about it.

I’ve gone away from the ultra vulnerable topics and headed into the “what works” sphere of writing.

It’s time to be vulnerable again. Naked on paper. It might very well be a repeat of what we’ve all read before – only this time? I’m committed to finding the alternative. Finding the way through it.

I need to refocus on my health as I’ve been officially diagnosed as Diabetic. I need to refocus on my faith, on our family, our future and not so much a destination or even the journey there (that was the year of fluid, I’m over it) but more on (in, actually) one thing at a time.

Once you think about it, it seems silly that the concept of one day at a time is something to strive for, but the simplicity in it is just that. I live in a world where now is the new then. Always something better, bigger, different, more, new. What about the laugh lines, wrinkles and worn in boots? Those didn’t happen overnight – it took one smile, one joke, one lovers kiss. It took walking the beaten path and hiking on mountains. It took building and tearing down. Crafting, gluing, sewing and holding. Those moments are the ones to live for.

We’ll just see how this goes.

2 thoughts on “Another year

  1. “one-day-at-a-time” – not only is it a conscious effort (silly, isn’t it…as we only are promised one day at a time anyway)…it is so easy to get offline.

    Jeremiah helps me as he wrote years ago that each of us are given enough grace and faithfulness just for one day…”His mercies are new EVERY morning”- not some to carry over for tomorrow, not some leftover from yesterday, BUT every single morning we have/are given just what we need for that very day….what a concept and what a blessing!

    cheers, comfort, hope for 2012!

  2. Still reading over here & glad you are pursuing it one step at a time. That is my hope as well. I didn’t know you had come to a conclusion on your health stuff, hope things are going better with the answers you have.

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