I’m quickly becoming the person who loves the Winter Season most. Arguably in previous seasons I was Team Autumn nine out of 10 times, Summer taking the close second while tying with Spring. I love all seasons, honestly, but I love the feeling after getting groceries and having a fully stocked kitchen that begs me to stay home tonight.

I can make anything my heart desires, I can feed the bellies of my laughing babes and I can scoot them happily outside to spend hours and hours in the cold blanket of white, fluffy snow.

It really is magic.

I’m a bit of a hermit and a constant worrier about my kids when outside … except in the winter. Their coats and the tracks they leave behind them are insurance to my neurosis that they’re fine. I can easily spot them and if, by chance, I do lose sight of them – I have a way to get to them quickly.

Not to mention all the tea and hot cocoa, the soups and game nights. The endless availability of a reason to finish a project.

I can see how the driving and the temperatures can give Winter a bad rap but I love a good excuse to wear a different scarf every day, drink one more cup of coffee in the morning and make home made bread for dinner.

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