Loose ends

An update for you faithful readers:

After being being referred to an ENT the next day, we met with him and after some discussing about possible options (everyone was telling us that he would need surgery to get the sticker out … as in, needing to be put under.) Aaron asked him if he could just “pull it out”.

So he tried. And it worked. And he cried. But! For only a minute, unlike the visit to the ER and the torture that it was. He’s back to normal and we’re back to asking him to take things out of his ear. (It’s an issue.)

6 thoughts on “Loose ends

  1. Oh my word. My child has never done this. But maybe it’s more of a boy thing. My friend’s son stuck a seashell in his ear a couple of Christmases ago and it was an ordeal to say the least. They gave him something that was supposed to make it so he didn’t remember the ordeal of getting it out, but he did, and he was traumatized for quite some time. It was torture for my friend too watching him scream for her to help him. So glad they could just pull it out and it didn’t end up being a big surgery! Here’s hoping he doesn’t do it again.

  2. oh wow. My 5-year-old runs around with his finger in his belly button, but Thank God I’ve never had to deal with that! You are so patient!

  3. I don’t think I’ve thought of it as patient šŸ™‚ Just immune to the antics these days, I guess. He’s room is on the second floor and he routinely opens up the window – pushes UP the screen and … I don’t even know what he’s doing – but it’s a far way down. I’m looking into getting locks for the windows. Cats have nine lives, I’m pretty sure God is gifting us with 100’s. šŸ˜‰

  4. oh no! I don’t know that trying to erase his memory would have gone over well for us either. It was NOT pleasant at the hospital and it’s like he kept apologizing for not being able to “take it” – my little man. All I wanted to do was slap the doctor and hold my child. It’s even harder to look into their little eyes, tears streaming down their face and to keep a brave, confident and comforting look on my own face. I’m not awesome and being the rock in those situations. But we all made it!

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