This is urgent

Hey guys, I cannot let you go another minute without knowing how awful the homemade dishwasher detergent is. That is correct.

I’ve spent the last couple weeks fighting with it, cursing it and hand washing my dishes in-between hopeful tries with the Betty Crocker version of Cascade.

I’ve tried 2 different kinds of homemade detergent – neither of them lasted for me (as in, didn’t work and I ended up throwing them away).

The laundry detergent? Heaven sent, I LOVE DOING LAUNDRY. It smells soooo good and with our sensitive skin in this house – it’s been so nice knowing I’m doing just one more thing (small, albeit) to keep the chemicals off of us.

Today I hightailed it to Sams Club and bought the BIGGEST box of Members Mark Dishwashing Detergent I could find. Turns out that for two 100oz boxes? I spent less than the DIY TrailError.

So. Yes.

This is the end of the Public Service Announcement to let you all know not to waste your time on the homemade version of dishwashing detergent. If you have a successful recipe or trick – do tell!

4 thoughts on “This is urgent

  1. I made it too. Mine was AWFUL. The worst part was that it got so hard that you couldn’t get it out of the jar. It worked ok when you could get it out! We ended up breaking the glass jar and having to throw it away. Sigh.

  2. We had that too – hard as a rock, I was using a knife to get it out but even after all that effort – my dishes still came out foggy or not clean at all.

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